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Alternative data applications in risk management

Global Association of Risk Professionals

According to Data Capital Management’s Chief Risk Officer, Jack Kim, the full measure of risk in an investment portfolio must come from a combination of company fundamentals and alternative data. Read More

Picking winners in the era of machine investing


Singapore’s Gao Capital to launch a research service exclusively focused on vetting quant funds for investors. Read More

A.I. outshines big data in bonds


A new paper from Stanford pierces the opaque bond market using neural nets built from 61 attributes. Read Summary » Read Full Paper »

The truth about the dark web

Terbium Labs

Terbium Labs publishes an entertaining and informative research paper on the landscape of the dark web. Read Press Release » Read Full Paper »

Bloomberg vs. the London Stock Exchange


With the LSE’s purchase of Citigroup’s fixed income indices, Bloomberg faces a new threat to its terminal business. Read More

The next unicorn in wealth management


Addepar, an investment management platform that gives portfolio managers insight into the wealth of the 0.01 percent raises a whopping $140 million. Read More

145+ tech start-ups transforming capital markets

CB Insights

From the front-office to the back-office, a crop of new capital markets tech companies are looking to digitize and improve traditional financial services. Read More

Data science by the numbers

Did you know that by 2018 there will be a global shortage of roughly 150,000 data scientists? Impress your friends with these shareable factoids about the data economy. Read More

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