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Top trends in alt-data (2019 edition)

Quandl blog

We are in the fortunate position here at Quandl to bear firsthand witness to the evolution of alternative data; here we catalog current trends we are seeing. Read More »

Alt data reduces opportunistic trading

Oxford Academic

Wharton professor Christina Zhu published a study on transaction and satellite data and concluded that it increases price informativeness, reduces opportunistic trading, and improves investment efficiency. Read the Paper »

Liquidnet acquires alt data firm Prattle


Liquidnet furthers alt-data industry consolidation with its acquisition of NLP provider Prattle. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Read More »

Alternative data quantifies how Trump moves markets

Yahoo Finance

Indexa argues its quantitative sentiment data proves that Trump’s tweets cause market volatility, drive equities higher, polarize the market, and but do not persist. Read More »

The empty promise of data moats

a16z (Andreessen Horowitz blog)

A fascinating exploration of why more data is not always better, especially for startups who think their data assets represent a durable moat. Read More »

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