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Bloomberg calls man…


Bloomberg calls man in the man-machine debate: “Models are a great place to begin, but not necessarily a good place to finish. …The analysts, traders and portfolio managers” are still required. Read More

CNBC calls machine…


“Stock-picking has fallen out of style, replaced by quantitative strategies that use numbers and computer algorithms to select stocks”. Read More

And Quartz calls man


“The buzz around quants is so intense that managers may feel pressured to adopt some sort of algorithmic strategy, or risk raising less money,” and that would be a mistake. Can’t we call a tie here? Read More

Alt data start-up Qineqt said to shut down

Institutional Investor

Early alternative data start-up Qineqt shuts down as the company experiences issues with scaling and pricing. Read More

What 1010data knows about the Amazon-Whole Foods deal


There is a substantial overlap in Whole Foods customers and Amazon Prime members — over half of Whole Foods customers. And they spend more than average. Read More

Can small quant shops compete with the big dogs?


Bill Libby and Manoj Narang comment on how small quant funds can compete and note that it is, indeed, possible. Read More

The evolution of analytics over the last decade

Harvard Business Review

Noted author and MIT fellow Thomas Davenport takes us through the evolution of analytics since the arrival of big data in this practical write-up. Read More

China’s private bicycle-sharing companies chart new path


7Park published research on China’s bike-sharing industry; its rapid growth points to health in the overall economy. (gated content) Read More

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