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A survey of hedge fund strategies


Barclays surveyed 64 hedge funds and found that 54% of systematic funds use alternative or big data while 65% employ machine-learning techniques. Read More

Quant hedge funds stake their claims

Institutional Investor

The quantamental surge is real. This follow-up piece to Barclays’ recent report confirms the inexorable rise of both systematic and quantamental trading. Read More

Inside the world’s fastest growing hedge funds


While not all quantitative funds are created equal, the tune remains the same: Funds using automated investing are growing faster than any other segment in the hedge fund universe. Read More

IBM’s Watson starts picking stocks


A new ETF summons IBM’s Watson algorithm to pick stocks using a quantitative model — and you’ll soon to be able to own it. Read More

JP Morgan: Alt data altering investment landscape

Integrity Research Associaties

Integrity Research takes a look at the current alternative data landscape and examines how machines are becoming increasingly relevant for medium-term investment horizons. Read More

Barclays’ guide to AI and big data jobs in hedge funds


If you’re looking to bolster your hedge fund career prospects, data analysis is the place to be. Read More

Selling your data? Here’s what you need to know


A recent Forrester report found that companies monetizing their data are experiencing faster growth than those who are not. Read some tips on selling data from their analyst. Read More

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