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Does your company know what to do with its data?

Harvard Business Review

A thoughtful summary from HBR on seven organizational methods to make the best use of your data. Read More

Farmers run mini-hedge funds in their cabs

Financial Times (subscription)

Alternative data from AgTech is changing the economics of agricultural trading and democratizing the arbitrage advantage. Read More

The race to monetize vehicle data


BMW and IBM team up with a plan for IBM’s Watson to ingest BMW’s telematics data and develop insights for third party providers. Read More

A.I. key for third wave of hedge fund managers


The third wave of investment management is populated by “guys aged 25-38 with totally different skill sets” than the quants and discretionary managers who came before them. Read More

Alt data provider 7Park branches out


7Park Data releases a report on international television streaming with more good news for Netflix. Read More

Conference alert: Sentiment Analysis Symposium, June 27-28

Sentiment Analysis Symposium

A New York-based event dedicated to the application of sentiment analysis to understand and exploit market drivers, whether the markets are consumer, media, or financial. Read More

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