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J.P. Morgan survey results shed light on alt data’s growth

Yahoo Finance

Survey results from the J.P. Morgan macro quantitative and derivatives conference underscore the growth of alternative data and its expected rise to prominence. Read More

The best big data companies to work for


J.P. Morgan’s been busy. Their seminal machine learning report covers many things, including the best big data companies to work for. Have a look at #28 on this alphabetical list (shameless, we know). Read More

Machine learning to shake up equity hedge funds

Financial Times (subscription)

Hedge fund veteran Jeff Tarrant of Protégé Partners speaks about the end of 2 and 20 and how AI disruption will come from the little guys. Read More

More on the machine learning shake-up

The Economist

Machine learning techniques, controversial though they may be, are not the exclusive territory of the quants. Large swathes of finance, from fraud prevention to compliance, from credit assessments to trading, are leveraging this branch of AI. Read More

Acadian takes on ESG

Institutional Investor

Acadian Asset Management is launching the first actively managed emerging markets quant strategy that excludes companies with fossil fuel reserves. Read More

Discretionary managers seek alpha in alternative data


We are “crossing the chasm,” says Vinesh Jha. The mainstream adoption of alternative data has begun, led by discretionary managers. Read More

Google plans to track credit card spending


Understanding how online behavior maps to offline sales remains one of the great unsolved problems for retailers, marketers and investors. Google is now taking that on. Read More

Calling BS on big data

Seattle Times

The University of Washington’s most popular class today seeks to debunk the ominiscience offered by big data. Think Google really predicted flu outbreaks? Think again. Read More

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