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Go long chicken wings if you’re bullish on driverless cars


While it’s still too early to predict which automaker will build the best driverless car, Morgan Stanley places its bets on leisure activities that will benefit from the self-driving vehicle. Read More

How hedge funds can trade on heaven-sent data

International Business Times

Inexpensive micro satellites called “cube sats” can now provide granular insights on commodities such as oil. Read More

The chink in the armor of interconnected systems


Human error is magnified to catastrophic effect in modern trading systems; Nasdaq data glitch causes stocks to jump 3000%. Read More

Algorithmic trading ushers in new era of market automation


The machine-man debate continues with Raconteur’s “Pros and Cons of Automated Trading Systems”. Read More

Quants rule in 2017 Hedge Fund 100

Institutional Investor

While the overall AUM for the industry has dropped for the first time, quant firms have vaulted into top positions in the 2017 Hedge Fund 100. Read More

Here’s why robots could be the future of finance

World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum says global adoption of AI in the investment industry has universities scrambling to include fintech in their business curricula. Read More

A Renaissance of the quants


Renaissance Technologies, staffed by nearly eight dozen data scientists, captured more than $3 billion in new money in the first five months of the year. Read More

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