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Mall REITs face declining foot traffic


Alternative data intelligence firm Thasos Group reports negative year-over-year foot traffic trends at mall anchor stores, including Macy’s, Nordstrom, Dillard’s and Sears. Read More   Download Research Report »

Citadel hires top Uber technologist


Surge pricing architect Laszlo Korsos leaves troubled Uber and heads to Citadel as Managing Director and Chief Data Officer. In the tug of war for talent, Wall Street wins this one. Read More

WorldQuant’s tripartite view of alternative data


Quantitative asset manager WorldQuant recaps the current alternative data landscape and takes a peek into the future of quantitative investing. Read More

The demise of the dark web?


US and European authorities have shut down the two largest sites on the dark web: AlphaBay and Hansa. Read More

Refresh rate key to Planet’s success


Planet wins a second contract to provide satellite imagery to the US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), beating out contenders UrtheCast, Orbital Insight and Sky Hawk Drone Services. Read More

A petri-dish best served cloned

Bloomberg View

Matt Levine dishes on the new trend for biologists on Wall Street and suggests we simply clone Warren Buffett instead. Read More

Alt data and AI “no longer fiction”


Opimas CEO analyzes the growing role of AI and alternative data, explaining why we will likely see a consolidation in the hedge fund industry as traditional players fail to adapt. Read More

iRobot bets big on the smart home


Over the past couple of years, Roombas haven’t just been collecting dirt and chauffeuring cats around; they’ve become spatial data collection machines. Read More

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