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Hedge funds mine for consumer habits

Bloomberg (subscription)

Bloomberg recaps the current use cases for alternative data as they relate to consumer behavior. Read More »

A data scientist who is skeptical about data


A professor of data science at NYU enumerates four key ways in which data is constantly imperfect. Read More »

Banks, asset managers turn to web scraping to generate alpha

Waters Technology (subscription)

The amount of publicly available web data doubles every year. Institutional investors consider buy vs. build approaches to hone this rich source. Read More »

Insights into the top SaaS companies through alt data

SimilarWeb (webinar)

An intriguing webinar hosted by SimilarWeb’s Ed Lavery on the company performance of Slack, Zendesk, Shopify, Zoom and others, as told through alternative data. August 6 at 11AM EST.  Read More »

It’s harder than ever to hide an oil tanker


When Iranian naval forces seized two oil tankers last week, they shut off the radio transponders that broadcast their location and identity. Satellites quickly found them. Read More »

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