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Reaping investment returns with… algae?


Do biologists possess the secret to investing on Wall Street? A successful foray into “algae-rithmic trading” reveals surprising similarities between cells and financial markets. Read More

FOMO and the adoption of AI in finance


We focus so much on the application of AI to alpha generation that it’s easy to forget its other — likely more realistic — applications for capital markets. Read More

Congress weighs in on the farm data debate


Concerns about cloud-based farming data and market manipulation are escalating. The US government is stepping in and locking down. Read More

How algorithms go bad

The Guardian

From the unintentionally stupid to the downright nefarious, this article explores four ways in which algorithms can go bad. Read More

IBM Watson’s Wall Street reality check


Wall Street is paying close attention to the challenges facing IBM Watson. Jefferies believes that IBM’s investment into Watson will struggle to return value to shareholders. Read More

Game-changing AI analytics

Application Development Trends

We’ve come a long way since Moneyball. STATS LLC, a sports analytics company, is at the forefront of artificial intelligence with simply incredible technology. Read More

Satellite imagery to combat fishy activity

Maritime Executive

The illegal fishing market could exceed $20 billion annually. Leave it to satellite imagery and alternative data to help solve the problem. Read More

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