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How NLP is advancing asset management


A summary of how firms, including Citadel, AIG, UBS, Periscope and others are actively deploying NLP strategies to increase returns. Read More »

The underwhelming world of Artificial Intelligence

Institutional Investor

On the flip side, II claims that few funds are really, truly using any form of AI for investment decision-making. They have distilled their thinking into five questions customers should ask to determine the truth. Read More »

Hedge funds begin to fast-track the purchase of alternative data

Business Insider (subscription)

Similar to our recent blog post on the glut of supply, this piece by Bradley Saacks examines how funds are dealing with the flood of data coming their way. Read More »

AlphaSense secures $50M in funding

Institutional Investor

Alternative data company AlphaSense, which uses AI to help asset managers quickly analyze millions of documents, raised $50M via the Soros family fund and Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavour fund. Read More »

China Internet Report 2019

South China Morning Post

The South China Morning Post collaborated with Abacus (TechCrunch of China) to produce this in-depth analysis of China’s tech and internet landscape. Read More »

Ray Dalio explains his concept of market paradigm shifts

LinkedIn (Ray Dalio)

Grab a coffee or six and settle down to read Dalio’s perspective on paradigm shifts – the inevitable, cyclical changes to markets and market relationships that dramatically impact investment decision-making. Read More »

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