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The inedible feast

Quandl Blog

The label “alternative data” is being applied to an ever-widening selection of products. But how many of them have actual value for capital markets? Quandl CEO Tammer Kamel considers the glut of supply. Read More »

Goldman and Socgen: Tip of the iceberg for alt data

Waters Technology (subscription)

Senior figures at Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Societe Generale say alternative data will “completely” transform the investment business, even as others question some of the claims around its use. Read More »

Hiring drones to gain an edge


An unnamed hedge fund hired drones to fly over lumber yards to confirm its hypothesis that the lumber market was about to crash. It worked. Read More »

On failing fast with alternative data

Waters Technology (subscription)

With up to 5,000 datasets in the assumed universe of alternative data, firms must learn to fail fast by developing playbooks with which to interrogate it. Read More »

“Female” text leads to better ESG

Benefits Canada

Indexia created a metric to identify the relative male- or female-dominated nature of language used by a company. It turns out that companies that use more female-dominated language tend to rank higher in ESG. Read More »

How modern VCs are driving alpha returns


Lest we think alt data is the sole purview of hedge funds and asset managers, this piece contends that at least some venture capitalists are clearly in the game. Read More »

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