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The future belongs to the quantamental


From the COO of Qineqt, a thoughtful piece that argues quantamental is the only way forward in an era where we are “drowning in information but starved for knowledge.” Read More

Two Sigma buys space in Cornell Tech building

The Cornell Daily Sun

In support of “gain[ing] value from the world’s data,” Two Sigma will operate its Collision Lab in Cornell’s Bridge building, set to open in September. With the move, the hedge fund hopes to surround itself with bright students and big ideas. Read More

Six areas of AI and machine learning to watch closely


Brush up on your AI with this efficient primer outlining six key themes noteworthy for their ability to impact digital products and services. Read More

GCM Grosvenor invests in alt data start-up Prattle

Business Insider

Prattle, an alternative data start-up that offers quantitative data on central bank communications, raised a $3.3 million seed round of financing led by GCM Grosvenor. Read More

China goes from fake GDP data to no data amid worries about housing market

Financial Review

Two publishers of Chinese real estate data confirmed they will no longer publish monthly home prices, insinuating that the discrepancy with government reports is not acceptable. Read More

Glassdoor provides free access to data for investors

Financial Times

Fund managers are using the company review board to perform due diligence, but they must beware of bias and opportunities for abuse. Read More

Artificial intelligence hedge funds outperforming humans


According to Eurekahedge, AI-driven funds have returned 8.44% over the past six years, versus 2.62% for the CTA/Managed Futures index and 1.62% for the trend following index. Read More

Conference alert: AI and data science for capital markets


Newsweek and IBT are hosting this event in London, March 1-2. Prominent alternative data providers, academics and technologists will be in attendance. Read More

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