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The new gold rush? Wall Street wants your data


Nothing innovative around data happens in New York City without venture capitalist Matt Turck being aware. Now the FirstMark Capital managing director has written what will surely become required reading for any company considering selling their data to Wall Street. Read More

Quantimental’s potential

Bloomberg Markets

“I promise you a Rolls Royce and I give you a Honda”. In 2016, clients pulled $106 billion from hedge funds, frustrated with disappointing performances and high fees. Point72’s Matthew Granade suggests that the opportunity for rebirth lies in quantimental investing. Read More

26 years of backtesting shows compelling evidence for news volume


A simple and elegant hypothesis: “the more that is written on a subject at a time, the more important the subject could be.” And what do you know, Norway’s central bank may have found itself a new trading strategy. Big data from news reports is showing itself to be a better predictor of economic trends than stocks or bonds. Read More

Leveraging unstructured data for improved investment strategies


Former Susquehanna employee Mutisya Ndunda started LogiBot to automate the mundane work of financial analysts. Based in New York, LogitBot processes massive amounts of data from a wide range of sources. What sets them apart is their leverage of entity recognition APIs, making it possible to transform the data into natural-language information right on a spreadsheet. Read More

CBOE launches second social media benchmark index


Further evidence of social media sentiment diffusion. Back in August, the Chicago Board Options Exchange launched the CBOE-SMA Large Cap Index — its first index based on social media sentiment — and now they’re launching their second. Enter the CBOE-SMA Large-Cap Weekly Index. Read More

New dataset on China auto industry


Eagle Alpha has launched a new dataset designed to provide buy-side hedge fund managers with insights into the Chinese automotive sector. China Auto Insight offers analyses of consumer purchasing behavior, volume, inventory, final transaction prices and other data that has been unavailable until now. Read More

If Trump tweets, then trade


Dubbed by some as the Internet’s best productivity tool, IFTTT (aka If This, Then That) lets non-coders create if statements based on Internet events. The hottest IFTTT at the moment seems to be Trump tweets about companies, which are setting off a firestorm of trading algorithms. Read More

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