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From favorite sessions to highlights of the day, here’s what you said were the brightest parts of 2020’s Quandl Data Conference. Read More

Two Sigma’s billion dollar PE gambit

Institutional Investor

Get the details on Sightway, Two Sigma’s vehicle for bringing quant investing to private markets… headed by a former lead Google engineer. Read More

How Billions’ co-creator cracked top funds

Business Insider

Hear how Billions co-creator Brian Koppelman sat in with the hedge fund elite to better portray the spectrum of personalities in the investment world. Read More

ICE’s search for eBay’s ‘Buy Now’ button

The Economist

Originally set up to run a commodity-futures exchange, take an early look at a potential acquisition that’s left many financial experts confounded. Read More

Using alt data creatively to find ESG alpha

Pensions & Investments

See how asset managers are getting creative with the use of unstructured, alternative data to find alpha in ESG funds. Read More

Win deals with Blackstone’s data scientists


With use of data science increasing in private equity, see Blackstone’s three main use cases for data scientists among their ranks. Read More

C-virus surpassing SARS for airline impact


As the global airline industry continues to reel under impacts of C-virus, see how the epidemic stands to make financial waves well beyond the SARS outbreak in 2003. Read More

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