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Dataland: The evolution of AI & Big Data


Watch the film that explores how AI and Big Data are permeating everyday life. From DNA transmission to finance, Dataland looks at where the tech (and its industries) are headed. Read More

Agriculture data partnership raises concerns


With the impending growing season, a land owner/data aggregator partnership raises the profile of data rights and privacy in the midwest. Read More

JP Morgan goes all-in on ESG

Institutional Investor

Riding the ESG buzz, get comments on the sea change (and how it’s being implemented) from J.P. Morgan’s head of sustainability. Read More

Tracking China’s recovery with alt data


See how those adept at interpreting alternative data are aggregating various signals within China to assess the market’s recovery. Read More

What’s the cost of data compliance?

Information Week

With the CCPA now in effect, the costs of ongoing data compliance are estimated at $467M to $16B in the next 10 years. How can the laws scale to be more effective? Read More

Knoema buys Adaptive Management


Get the details on the acquisition of alt data aggregator Adaptive Management by data visualization and discovery platform, Knoema. Read More

EU’s battle over Big Tech’s hold on data

Financial Times ($)

Look into the new data-sharing principles outlined in the EU’s Data Act, including their wide-reaching effects on big tech and industries that rely on extracting insight from data. Read More

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