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Fudged numbers won’t make the US grow faster


Bloomberg’s Noah Smith examines the real risks of “alternative facts” and illustrates how alternative data’s importance could be elevated in this new landscape. Read More

Can Wall Street embrace the open source movement?


Numerai’s 29-year-old CEO launched a new digital currency and trading system for his AI hedge fund, which rewards collaboration as opposed to greed. Read More

Re-imagining active investment management

Hedge Funds Club

Younger hedge funds are capitalizing on three modern themes: alternative data, the gig economy and the end of Two and Twenty. Read More

Peter Lynch was the earliest adopter of alt data

Integrity Research Associates

Turns out that some uber-progressive sentiment strategies are nothing more than a scaled update of Peter Lynch’s successful recipe for the Magellan Fund. Read More

Stanford researchers measure African farm yields with high-res satellites

Stanford News

Terra Bella satellite images of African farms prove detailed enough to accurately measure and predict crop yields, according to researchers at Stanford University. Read More

Big data to become new revenue generator for Latin American telcos


LatAm telcos seek new revenue strategies by doubling down on their data collection efforts to create saleable assets. Read More

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