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Amazon’s data vortex

BBC News

With an eye towards Amazon’s data collection practices, explore why (and how) the e-retail colossus knows so much about you. Read More

Morgan Stanley to buy E-Trade for $13B

Business Insider

Hot on the heels of a Charles Schwab-led price war, follow Morgan Stanley’s pivot into the wealth management space with an all-stock takeover. Read More

Using AI when Big Data is small

Industry Week

ML and AI lend themselves to monumental quantities of data. But how do you apply those techniques to industries where the sample size is limited? Read More

Hunting for alt data to offset C-Virus shock

Financial Times ($)

In a bid to foresee market recovery from Coronavirus, read how alternative data is being used as investors’ crystal ball. Read More

California’s privacy act gets clearer

Venture Beat

Following a “Notice of Modifications” by California’s Attorney General, get the latest on the data privacy legislation leading the compliance charge. Read More

ISPs sue Maine citing free speech

Ars Technica

Fighting for the ability to freely sell customer data, see how Maine’s broadband industry is suing under the flag of the First Amendment. Read More

Yodlee’s data privacy reprise


With privacy-conscious consumers swelling, Yodlee stands as a cautionary tale of data anonymization gone wrong. Now they’re being used to shake the tree… Read More

EU outlines plans for Big Data, AI


Track the EU’s developing policies for AI and Big Data as legislators plan the next decade’s data collection, manipulation, and harmonization practices. Read More

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