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Software is eating hedge funds


Many clever Wall Street money-making activities have been disrupted by tech start-ups and hedge funds are not immune. Quandl Chief Data Officer Abraham Thomas explains. Read More

Why data nerds struggle to gain power at hedge funds


Hedge funds have been loading up on data scientists and coders to deliver on the promise of quantitative investing. But they are discovering that the marriage of old-school managers and data-driven quants can be rocky. Read More

And Matt Levine’s hilarious follow-up


Matt Levine is the only person who can make quant funny. Read his reaction to the above article, and learn about the golf score trading strategy (scroll to the middle of his column). Read More

Silicon Valley’s rising influence on hedge funds


Hedge funds are struggling to attract and retain the tech talent needed to keep up with their data demands. BCG suggests they will have to adopt a Google-like culture to succeed. Read More

Barriers to adoption for alternative data

Foundation & Endowment Intelligence

Alternative data promises to be the holy grail of quantitative investing. So what’s the holdup? The usual suspects: cost, time and resources. Read More

Breaking down the Estimize Signal


Estimize opens the kimono and gives us unfettered access to the multi-factor model behind the proprietary Estimize Signal. Read More

How to engineer serendipity in financial services


In this recorded webinar, MapD’s Todd Mostak shows how to engineer eureka moments by combining massive, proprietary data with next-generation visualization tools to see what others cannot. Read More

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science in Capital Markets

Newsweek Events

Join Quandl founder and CEO Tammer Kamel in London on March 1st where he will speak about “The Power and Perils of Alternative Data for Alpha Generation”. Read More

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