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Weaponizing alternative data

Data Driven Investor

Facing considerable alpha decay and a “glacial adoption pace”, secure key takeaways on the state and direction of alternative data as presented at 2020’s Quandl Data Conference. Read More

Global economic fallout mounts in C-virus wake

The Washington Post

In another “shock toward global de-integration”, uncover the latest take on the coronavirus’ widespread financial impacts—bolstered by Quandl-sourced data. Read More

BlackRock’s skeleton key to bonds


See why BlackRock says the time has come for “bond fund managers to adopt data-driven investing techniques”. Read More

CircleUp nears close with PE quant strategies

Institutional Investor

Keep pace with CircleUp’s quant-led hires as their systematic private equity fund preps for a $100M close before July. Read More

Decoding data’s future with Quandl’s CEO


Sit down with CEO Tammer Kamel to hear how Quandl operates at the forefront of data-driven professions, and get fresh insights on our newest datasets. Read More

Quants vs. devs: How much BoA pays in NYC


Curious how much Bank of America values their quants and technologists in the Big Apple? Grab a quick look at earnings and average salaries. Read More

Man and machine, a mutual need

View quantamental investing’s advantages through examples of successful AI & human integration in other industries —such as diagnostic medicine. Read More

Amidst decline, hybrid investors hold hope

Financial Times ($)

Quants are on the rise and alt data is overflowing. Read how this quantamental pioneer sees the worlds of fundamental and quantitative coming together. Read More

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