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Why hedge funds are better than Facebook

Business Insider

Matei Zatreanu of System2 LLC tells it like it is when it comes to competing for talent in the exploding realm of quantamental investing. Read More »

Silicon Valley hedge fund takes on Wall Street with AI trader


This Silicon Valley data scientist has spent nearly a decade training an AI system to run his hedge fund soup to nuts — and now he’s challenging the Wall Street pros. Read More »

Goldman embraces automation

MIT Technology Review

600 equity traders have been replaced by 200 engineers at Goldman Sachs, with currency trading and investment banking headed in the same direction. Read More »

Alternative data for alpha

Dun & Bradstreet

We all know many are turning to alternative data in search of alpha. But it is not without its challenges. Visit the following link and scroll down to “Featured Resources” for the Greenwich Associates’ “Alternative Data for Alpha” report. Read More »

SpaceKnow raises $4m to provide satellite data to investors

Financial Times

Investments in alternative data continue. The funding round comes soon after Prattle, an AI-driven sentiment analysis firm, received $3.3m. Read More »

The hedge funds where computers call the shots

Wall Street Journal

While there is a great deal of buzz surrounding AI funds, launching and selling their benefits to clients is proving to be no easy task. Read More »

Trump tweets and stock sentiment: akin to an opening bid

Buzz Indexes Blog

An interesting take on the effect of the Trump tweet: It’s not the tweet itself that matters, but the ensuing conversation. Read More »

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