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Predicting which bills will pass Congress

The Washington Post

Billions of dollars in spending and revenue depend on whether or not certain bills pass through Congress. Quandl partner FiscalNote scrapes government websites to predict successful passage. Read More

Twitter reduces barriers to entry for sentiment data

The Next Web

Twitter just launched a new API endpoint that allows developers to parse every Tweet currently on the social networking site. Read More

Twitter turns first profit ever


In other Twitter news: If you were worried about the social network’s viability as a data source, you’ll be glad to know it just turned its first profit. Read More

Blackstone sees data as future


After agreeing to buy a majority stake in Thomson Reuters Corp’s F&R division, Blackstone announces data as the future of TR — and not the terminal. Read More

Balyasny AM’s Antenna is here

WatersTechnology (subscription)

BAM releases Antenna, a service for analyzing third-party alternative datasets faster than traditional evaluations, to determine whether they can deliver better returns. Read More

MiFID II opens the door for more alternative data


A comprehensive assessment of the current state of MiFID II regulations and their implications. Read More

Sentieo’s socially based predictions


With earnings season in full force, Sentieo makes their predictions about TWTR, SKX, SODA and GRUB. Read More

Blockchain to clean up mineral supply chains

The New York Times

Blockchain is being used for the first time to track cobalt’s journey from mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo through to products used in smartphones and electric cars. Read More

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