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The information ‘blind spots’ fund managers must address

Wealth Manager (subscription)

How are major wealth management firms using data to address blind spots? Alternative-data leaders at Schroders and Blackrock provide examples how their teams are successfully using non-traditional data outside of the oft-repeated alpha case. Read More

Quants use AI to cut through murk of ‘sustainability’ (subscription)

This group of quants is convinced that machine learning can be used to separate hype from reality when it comes to the murky world of ESG. Read More

Financial AI pioneer makes grim prediction on quant jobs


Marcos López de Prado, head of machine learning at AQR Capital, argues that the fundamental quantitative process in use today is broken, and we’re setting quants up to fail. He believes funds would get better results by making their quants less autonomous and more like cogs in a machine. Read More

What’s behind JPMorgan’s big bet on artificial intelligence


When America’s biggest bank hired Google exec Apoorv Saxena as its global head of AI and machine-learning, it was making a bet on technology leading its future strategies. Saxena tells Wharton about plans to use AI across the bank – in investments, product development, and more. Read More

Python or R? Which is best for data science in finance?


If you want to start an argument between two financial data scientists, ask them which coding language they prefer to use: R or Python? This article lays out key pros and cons of each. Read More

SBAI publishes standardised trial data license agreement


The standard-setting body for the alternative investment industry, has published the Standardized Trial Data License Agreement, which addresses issues investment managers face when trialling new data sources, especially alternative data. Read More

Pagaya announces first $100 million ABS fully managed by AI

Associated Press

Pagaya, a global fintech company using AI in asset management, announced $100 million in actively managed asset-backed securities. For the ABS, Pagaya will use AI to select and purchase individual loans. Read More

Zuckerburg’s ex-mentor, early Facebook investor, now pushes for regulation


Silicon Valley veteran Roger McNamee – an early investor in Facebook and former mentor to Mark Zuckerberg – now sees the social-media platform and other tech giants as a monstrous threat to democracy. He’s started advising those who would regulate the internet’s giants. Read More

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