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BlackRock doubling down on artificial intelligence

Financial Times (subscription)

The world’s biggest investment group is establishing a “BlackRock Lab for Artificial Intelligence” in Palo Alto, California. Read More

Can’t wait a month for inflation data?

The Wall Street Journal (Subscription)

PriceStats, based on MIT’s Billion Prices Project, offers a daily indicator of US consumer prices. Read More

Alternative data vs. official Chinese data

Asia Times

Private data predicts economic slowdown in China despite solid GDP growth, contradicting official numbers. Read More

Top 10 machine learning projects

Mybridge for Professionals

Among the top open source machine learning projects: object detection, alternatives to Bayesian optimization and deep neuroevolution. Read More

Machine learning patents grew at 24% CAGR


Forbes puts together a list of takeaways from machine learning market forecasts, market estimates and projections. Read More

Risky AI business


The legal world grapples with issues that include who is at fault when a machine comes to the wrong conclusion. Read More

Otonomo announces $3 million in funding from NTT Docomo

Bloomberg Technology

Israeli-based Otonomo ramps up their automotive dataset, which now includes data from over two million cars. Read More

“Shut up, Toby”: The Office characters, ranked by number of words spoken


This made us wonder whether word counts matter on earnings calls 🙂 Read More

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