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Quandl to debut e-commerce insights platform at QDC19

Business Wire

Quandl will introduce a new proprietary e-commerce Insights platform at its February 28 conference (get tickets). The platform will offer daily product-level and SKU-level transaction data to financial professionals. Read More

Bloomberg diving into alt data

Business Insider (subscription)

Hedge funds are increasingly turning to alternative data to identify trends before their competitors, but some managers are wading into potentially risky territory as they seek out cutting-edge data. Lawyers say a few steps can protect managers, including questioning a data provider’s sources. Read More

Alternative data shows travel firms hammered by shutdown

Barron’s (subscription)

Alternative data shows that rental-car companies, airlines and hotels saw a sharp drop in business during the recent US government shutdown. Read More

UBS Asset Management data science head talks alt data and AI

Waters Technology

In this podcast, Bryan Cross, head Quantitative Evidence and Data Science at UBS Asset Management, details why the firm created the unit, what the bank is doing in the alternative data space, and shares advice for up-and-coming data scientists. Read More

How elite investors use AI and machine learning to gain an edge


Institutional investors are better able to harness the power of AI thanks to improvements in processing power. Watch for the next disruption to further the evolution of the industry: quantum computing. Read More

Data business Hivemind gains Barclays and Fidelity backing


Hivemind, a data company spun out of hedge fund Winton Group, received backing from investment bank Barclays and asset manager Fidelity in its latest funding round. Financial details were not disclosed. Read More

VCs invest billions in advanced tech firms, but don’t yet use it

Institutional Investor

Venture capital managers invested more than $24.6 billion in AI and machine learning companies last year, but less than a quarter of those managers actually used such technology in their own business. That may be changing. Read More

Which Wall Street jobs are hot in 2019

Business Insider (subscription)

Wall Street recruiters say there remains in an insatiable appetite for quants, data scientists, and coding skills. But that doesn’t mean fundamental skills have gone out of fashion. Read More

How AI will go out of control according to 52 experts

CB Insights

“AI will probably most likely lead to the end of the world, but in the meantime, there’ll be great companies.” – Sam Altman, president Y Combinator and co-chair of OpenAI Read More

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