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Data could be the holy grail for oil and gas

Financial Times (Subscription)

Only 5% of the exhaust data collected by the oil and gas industry is being used for analysis. That is about to change. Read More

Quandl makes Fintech 50 for 2018


We are in good company on this year’s Forbes Fintech 50 list. Read More

Commodity hedge funds shutter as computers dominate


Extreme volatility caused by non-traditional investors and algorithmic trading has made it difficult to hold onto long-term positions. Read More

How to improve market returns using alternative data

See It Market

See It Market uses Commitment of Traders data to augment a simple RSI strategy. Read More

WEBINAR: Unlocking the value of FX transaction data | 03/06 at 12pm ET


Quandl’s CDO Abraham Thomas discusses FX spot volume data and comprehensive market visibility. Register Now »

Everything you wanted to know about cryptocurrency but were afraid to ask


a16z has put together a collection of no-nonsense guides on all things cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, blockchain and Ethereum. Read More

Google’s TPU machine learning accelerators now available for rent

Google Cloud Platform Blog

These Tensor Processing Units run certain machine learning workloads 15 to 30 times faster than off-the-shelf silicon. Read More

Dog days are not over in New York

The New York Times

To understand New York real estate, follow the latest alt data trend: Doggy demographics. Read More

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