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The miseducation of alternative data

WatersTechnology ($)

Avoid feeling like alt data isn’t returning value. Here are some of the factors that let you truly benefit from your datasets. Read Now »

Will alt data blow up in 2020?

Business Insider ($)

Alt data is on the brink of another evolution. See how you can refine your process and avoid taking an unnecessary gamble. Read Now »

What machine learning will mean for asset managers

Harvard Business Review

Will ML integration only benefit early adopters? Get HBR’s take on how the “saviour of active investing” will shake out. Read Now »

Financial data: currency of the modern economy


Build your understanding of future models with a hypothesis that data will become consumer currency in the coming years. Read Now »

AI-derived ESG signals enhance returns

ETF Stream

See if ESG is worth your time with a breakdown of a recent study showing ESG’s strong potential for alpha generation across global markets. Read Now »

Paper: Social media frequency and consumer confidence


Grasp how social media data frequency may affect forecasts of consumer confidence measures in the NBER’s recent paper. Read Now »

Quandl’s own in Forbes Finance’s 30 under 30


Join us in congratulating our very own Bill Dague amongst the other recipients of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 award in finance. View List »

Quants are asking: Is something broken?


2019 has seen quant clients worrying about an outflow in factors. See how some firms are revamping their strategies to weather the storm. Read Now »

Amazon launches quantum computing service


There’s been a lot of noise about quantum in the data-driven world. Filter it down to key players with details on Amazon’s new computing service, Braket. Read Now »

The California DMV sells your data for $50M/year


Has the DMV sold your data without your knowledge? See how California and other states are sending mixed signals on how they value data privacy. Read Now »

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