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Using ECI to unwrap alpha in 2020


Gear up for 2020 with early insights into three stars that emerged during Black Friday 2019, all from Quandl’s E-Commerce Intelligence data product. Read More

One Nation, Tracked: Twelve million phones’ GPS data

New York Times ($)

Dig into the lengthy NYT piece that investigates the smartphone tracking industry to a jarring depth. Read More

Why Excel is outdated if you work in finance


Generating alpha and market-making today involves terabyte-level thinking. Not megabyte. Read More

Here’s who Ray Dalio looks up to


Get insider information on who the founder of the most profitable hedge fund (with over $150B AUM) looks up to. Read More

Model beats Wall Street in forecasts

MIT News

With the help of alternative data, this automated system predicts a company’s quarterly sales. Explore how it works… Read More

Nasdaq on the hunt for Asia’s data

DigFin Group

See how niche players can co-exist with big fish as alternative data progresses towards becoming a $5B industry. Read More

Is it the value hedge fund comeback?

Financial News London

Appraise the Buffet style of value investing as quantamental rears its head once more. Read More

Advent 2019: Integrating Quandl data with Python

Quandl & Anvil

In the holiday spirit, Anvil built a web application on top of Quandl’s API in less than an hour. See how their platform empowers users to rapidly build and deploy Python web apps. Read More

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