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Quantamental investing’s inevitable future


How will you find success as fundamental and quant worlds collide? Forbes has outlined an ideal path. Read More

What hedge funds need to know about the CCPA


The California Consumer Privacy Act takes effect on January 1, 2020. Here’s what you need to know about how it impacts hedge funds. Read More

Prominent quant funds building credit teams

Business Insider ($)

With progress in the use of alt data in underwriting, some of the biggest quant funds are pumping money into their credit teams. Here’s why…  Read More

Systematic or discretionary? The lines are blurring

Waters Technology ($)

See how technology and the ability to analyze data – with both human and computer intelligence – will differentiate the field of investing in the near future. Read More

Quantopian prepares for user-licensed algos


Quantopian is making preparations to allow users to license their algorithms to third parties. This is how they’re rolling it out. Read More

Algo clouds, printing food, and body microscopes

Data Driven Investor

2019 is nearly at its end. Explore DDI’s list of trends likely to disrupt the data-driven world as we enter 2020. Read More

Diddy and Dalio: a mentor’s conversation

YouTube – Ray Dalio

Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio sits down with Diddy to share the insights underlying some of the prominent points within “Principles”. Watch Here

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