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Winton Capital’s David Harding on making millions through math

Financial Times

Seems there is a new hedge fund founder biopic every week. This time it’s Winton Capital’s David Harding, as written by FT. Harding talks math, the science behind quant investing, and their counterintuitive approach: exploiting weak relationships between data and the price of the market. (Which is exactly what was said about Renaissance last week). Read More

Why startups won’t lead the big data revolution

IT Pro

Ouch. But interesting. History is a critical factor to a strong dataset, and Kenneth Cukier posits that only incumbent companies have any history in their data, putting startups with dreams of disrupting the data economy in a position of weakness. Cukier also reiterates that data ownership issues must be resolved for anyone to take advantage of the data economy. Read More

China big-data gurus extend their reach to track economy


A good synopsis of efforts led by data scientists in China to verify and augment government-published economic data. The proliferation of large, significant data sources from companies like Baidu, China Union Pay Co., Alibaba, and Didi Chuxing gives global investors a fresh look inside the world’s largest trading nation. The question is, will the government allow this effort to flourish? Read More

Even secretive hedge funds can open source their software

International Business Times

Cuemacro’s CEO Saeed Amen has been looking at alternative data since 2008 when he wrote a paper on using Google search data to trade currency. He explains why hedge funds should share their code (without divulging their alpha-generating strategies). Read More

Reuters built its own algorithm to verify breaking news on Twitter


A TWEET IN CAPITAL LETTERS IS LESS LIKELY TO BE TRUE. This is one of Thomson Reuters’ findings from its Thomson News Tracer, which monitors and parses Twitter to identify legitimate breaking news. The tool uses data science for detection and verification of newsworthy events, and aims to give reporters a fighting chance at being “first,” or at least tying Twitter for first. Read More

Meet one of the data scouts for the hedge fund industry

International Business Times

We’re happy to hear that our friends at Neudata are growing their team. Neudata founder and CEO, Rado Lipuš explains how word-of-mouth still matters when it comes to surfacing little-known datasets for the sell and buy side firms that covet them. Read More

Data hoarding and alternative data in finance


Like Neudata (and Quandl), RavenPack is on the hunt for unique datasets to help institutional investors. Here they discuss types of alternative data that hold promise along with key challenges for mining them. Read More

The promise and challenge of big data for pharma

Harvard Business Review

Unstructured data, talent shortages, and a race to develop cutting edge analytics. The pharmaceutical industry is firmly in the data game and is now competing to attract the best data scientists. Pharmaceutical data is set to explode and will provide us all with a new set of bits to mine. Read More

The non-technical guide to machine learning & artificial intelligence


Sam DeBrule graciously and thoroughly consolidates most of the machine learning resources a non-technical person will ever need. From news sources, to startups, to people, to events – this list is worth a browser bar bookmark if you want to keep AI and machine learning on your radar. Read More

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