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Quant fund investing in humans not algorithms

FT Alphaville

While the AI discussion tends to revolve around machine replacing man, Two Sigma is doing just the opposite: investing in human talent. Read More

Bloomberg’s terminal makes a comeback


Two Sigma must be onto something. Amid the supposed disappearance of human traders, terminal subscription growth suggests otherwise. Read More

How far will AI go?


Today’s small group of fully automated AI strategies are off to a middling start, underperforming relative to the S&P. But that is poised to change. Read More

Hiking pay for junior hedge fund employees


The buy-side is redistributing wealth in what is being dubbed the “juniorisation of the trading floor”. Read More

The data economy gets a boost

The Register

Chief Data Officers are now on the hook for revenue generation and value creation, leading to increasing sophistication in their skillsets. Read More

Everyone’s a quant

Institutional Investor

Hyperplane invests $2.4M in start-up Elsen, a machine-learning company hoping to make it easy for non-quants to test and discover new investment strategies. Read More

New data product from M Science

M Science

M Science launches its Alibaba ad-spending data product, an in-depth, near real-time view of top revenue-driving metrics for the Chinese juggernaut. Read More

Day one of Newsweek conference

International Business Times

Ian Allison summarizes the first day of the Newsweek conference, in case you missed it. Read More

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