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Nasdaq acquires Quandl to advance alternative data

If you haven’t heard yet, we are delighted to announce that we have been acquired by Nasdaq. This joining of forces will result in even greater stability, an extended global reach, and new products. Read some of the coverage:

Nasdaq moves into alternative data with Quandl acquisition Financial Times

Nasdaq dives into alternative data Barron’s

Nasdaq buys company that gives hedge funds an edge… Business Insider

Alternative data going mainstream Greenwich Associates

The next chapter for Quandl

Quandl blog

Co-founder and Chief Data Officer Abraham Thomas pens an authentic and informative post on what life looks like for Quandl post-acquisition. Read More

How fund managers and retail investors can use alternative data

Barron’s (subscription)

Gaining a quant-like investing edge by examining credit cards or location-tracking apps can mean writing a big check, with no guarantee of success. But retail options for alternative data are starting to emerge. Read More

Deep learning: The revolution is here

Waters Technology (subscription)

An in-depth examination from WatersTech of deep learning’s impact on finance, with accounts from data scientists at major banks and asset managers. Read More

The potential and risks of alternative data

Barron’s (subscription)

With the growing adoption of alternative data, regulatory interest is likely to follow. A former federal prosecutor says the SEC will be interested in the intersection between privacy and insider trading. Read More

What Marko Kolanovic is looking at now

Lucena Research

Marko Kolanovic – the JP Morgan global head of macro quantitative and derivatives research who has gained a following for his forecasts about systematic investing approaches – tells Bloomberg what he sees on the horizon. Read More

Machine learning identifies crypto scams before they happen

MIT Technology Review

Pump-and-dump schemes have become increasingly common in cryptocurrency markets. Now security researchers have learned how to spot them in advance. Read More

Names on Coke bottles spell money for data-focused fintech

Bloomberg (subscription)

The success of Coca Cola’s marketing of personalized cans and bottles was partly driven by the analysis of demographic data – including age, gender and ethnicity – and demonstrates how firms can monetize the information they have on customers and supply chains, while avoiding privacy scandals. Read More


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