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Satellites, secrets and skepticism


Traders increasingly look to satellite data to shed light on the historically opaque commodity markets; however, many remain skeptical of the technology’s accuracy. Read More

Hedge funds continue the march towards quant


About 70% of hedge funds will enter 2018 with computer-driven strategies, up from just 47% a year ago. Read More

Holiday reading: AI/ML in financial markets

Financial Stability Board

This white paper is an unbiased primer on applications of AI across financial markets. Enjoy with a holiday beverage. Read More

10 things to know about machine learning

Hacker Noon

This listicle from longtime ML practitioner Daniel Tunkelang is the perfect primer for non-experts. Read More

Google beats Apple hands down when it comes to maps

Justin O’Beirne

In the last year, Google Maps has added more buildings, houses, trailers, garages and other structures to its platform. Apple has not. Read More

Blue sedans versus red trucks


Turns out that neighborhood demographics and political leanings can be guaged based on the type of car in your driveway — data that’s readily available thanks to Google Maps. Read More

Fueling growth through data monetization

McKinsey & Company

Data begets data. McKinsey’s recent data and analytics survey shows that 41% of all firms monetize their data – a number that is poised to grow. Read More

Alternative Data Conference


Less than a month until ADC 18. See the full lineup of speakers and reserve your spot before the holidays! Read More

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