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Happy Holidays from all of us at Quandl. Alternative Data Weekly will be taking a break until January 10. For our final post of 2018, we look back at our most popular links of the year. Enjoy, and thank you for reading!

Schroders is all in with alternative data

January – Markets Media

Schroders, with 27 data scientists at the helm, is at the front of the pack in terms of alternative data adoption for the fundamental set. Read More

Top 10 open-source machine learning projects

February – Medium

Among the top open source machine learning projects: object detection, alternatives to Bayesian optimization and deep neuroevolution.
Read More

Essential data feeds for artificial intelligence

March – Quandl Blog

In this post, we describe the top five data feeds most commonly requested by our AI/ML customers. Read More

The changing face of talent at hedge funds

April – Hedgeweek

Technology continues to be a major driver of change within the hedge fund industry, with a marked effect on hiring practices. This article lays out the dos and don’ts of recruitment. Read More

Goldman building team to sell its own alternative data

May – (subscription)

Algorithms can scan news stories to quickly determine if there is any market-moving information. However, AI still cannot reliably tell the difference between real and fake news. Read More

AI detects patterns in waves of stock price movements

June – Bloomberg

Bloomberg announces the launch of a forecasting app in partnership with AlpacaJapan, a Tokyo-based AI startup that analyzes tick data to recognize patterns in price movements. Read More

New kid on the bloc

July – eFinancialCareers

With $8 billion in initial capital from the likes of BlackRock and Blackstone, ExodusPoint could be the largest hedge fund launch ever. They’re using the money to aggressively poach PMs from other money managers. Read More

Quandl and the alternative data revolution

August – Medium

Justin Chan, data-driven investor and blogger, writes about Quandl’s role in the alternative data revolution. (This post was written independently of Quandl). Read More

Top machine learning algorithms in use today

September –

Pros and cons of the top 11 machine learning algorithms every engineer should know. Read More

The best Python tools to analyze alternative investment data for free

October – QuantMinds 365

Alternative data is becoming an integral part of the investment process and so too are the Python tools that can be used to analyze it. Norman Niemer, Chief Data Scientist at UBS Asset Management, explores the best analysis tools. Read More

Five things to know before learning Python for a finance job

November – eFinancialCareers

Python programmers are in demand at banks and hedge funds. The language is easy to learn – it’s often used in UK primary schools to teach the basics of programming. However, before your first encounter with Python there are a few things you should know. Read More

Here’s how much quants get paid at hedge funds

December – eFinancialCareers

When it comes to quant pay, the spectrum is rather wide, depending on whether or not you’re considered a ‘revenue-generator’. However, salaries are increasing across all experience levels. Read More

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