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Darwin wins again

This article paints a picture of the future, where alternative data is commoditized and firms have adapted to datasets that don’t fit current models. Read More

Man AHL pushes boundaries with machine learning

Man AHL is cautiously optimistic about its ML order-routing algorithm. Read More

AQR is in the game

Financial Times

After years of factor investing, AQR has begun testing automated trading strategies that rely on alternative data to find profitable patterns. Read More

Using AI to forecast fundamentals, not stock prices

Bloomberg Technology

Although Euclidean Technologies’ AI price prediction failed, their new technique, which focuses instead on company fundamentals, handily beat their standard statistical model. Read More

Voleon keeps plowing ahead

The Wall Street Journal (subscription)

Voleon Group remains 100% focused on machine learning — even if that means mixed results. Read More

Left to their own devices, ML techniques prone to “overfitting”

The Economist

Although San Francisco hedge funds predictably embrace machine learning, it’s humans who execute the actual trades. Read More

The big five get bigger


Technology firms have already entered finance — Alibaba’s $235.6B money market fund comes to mind. How will banks react when Google and Amazon get in the game? Read More

The buy-side hiring outlook for the US in 2018


Recruiters offer insight into what 2018 has in store for hedge funds, including a focus on revenue generating roles, a move to long-only funds and the rise of domain experts. Read More

Meet the man who made Python relevant


Mathlete Wes McKinney runs the world’s most popular Python tool — in his spare time. Read More

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