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Your apps know where you were last night

New York Times (subscription)

Location data is now widely sold to advertisers, retailers, and hedge funds. Alongside lawmakers, regulators, and privacy advocates, the NYT is raising concerns. Read More

The impact of alt data on financial markets (video)

TD Ameritrade Network

Nasdaq Head of Alternative Data Research Bill Dague speaks on the value of alternative data, and how Nasdaq and Quandl plan to move forward post-acquisition. Read More

Fake news spooks trading algorithms

ZD Net

Algorithms can scan news stories to quickly determine if there is any market-moving information. However, AI still cannot reliably tell the difference between real and fake news. Read More

Buyside dips toes in alt data

Traders Magazine

How will traditionally active managers adapt their investment strategies as automated technologies continue to play a larger role in the trading life cycle? Buyside players, notably BMO Global Asset Management, talk about how they are approaching alternative data and other tech-driven changes. Read More

Vista Equity Partners acquires 7Park to accelerate growth in data analytics

Business Wire

Data analytics and software firm 7Park Data has been acquired by Vista Equity Partners, an investment firm focused on software, data, and technology-enabled businesses. Read More

Here’s how much quants get paid at hedge funds


When it comes to quant pay, the spectrum is rather wide, depending on whether or not you’re considered a ‘revenue-generator’. However, salaries are increasing across all experience levels. Read More

Podcast: Wall Street wants your data


THost Alex Eule talks with Barron’s senior writer Avi Salzman about his recent cover story on alternative data and what it means for the average investor. Available for Barron’s subscribers or free through iTunes.

China and the US vie for AI dominance

Foreign Policy/ChinAI

AlThe US and China are vying for leadership in artificial intelligence. In Foreign Policy, authors argue that a new US National Security Commission on AI can help close the gap. Separately, the Paulson Institute-backed Marco Polo think tank has launched its new ChinAI initiative to look at the ramifications of China’s plans to become the world’s top AI innovation center by 2030.

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