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The machines are coming for your pricing models

JP Morgan quants found that ‘deep hedging’ strategies developed by a machine outperformed existing strategies based on classical models. Is this the beginning of the end of the Black-Scholes era? Read More »

“Cultivated data” is the next gold rush


Tech companies are finally understanding what it means for data to be an asset; corpuses are giving rise to a new class of data aggregators.  Read More »

India accused of overstating its growth statistics

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

India’s reports of 7% GDP growth have been overstated, according to a former adviser to the country’s prime minister. Arvind Subramanian used alternative data from vehicle sales and electricity consumption and found the growth rate hovers more realistically around 4.5%. Read More » Full Paper » 

Zillow makes nearly half its money from flipping homes


The company has bought thousands of homes in 15 markets, invested in minor repairs, and sold them to the tune of $250M in total revenue. We see a new dataset coming! Read More »

Visualizing 10 years of the stock market


An “eye-opening” chart that shows the stock market is actually pretty consistent. View the graphic »

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