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Quandl is changing its strategy

Business Insider (subscription)

Tammer Kamel, CEO and founder of Quandl, addresses the changing alt data landscape and how Quandl is staying ahead of the curve. Read More »

Ten years on, Foursquare is now checking into you


With lagging federal regulations, Foursquare has been left to its own devices to handle data correctly. Read More »

Is positive sentiment in corporate annual reports informative?

CLS Blue Sky Blog

Researchers from the University of Alabama applied deep learning to measure corporate reports, looking for predictions into upcoming returns. Read the Blog Post »Read the Full Paper »

Quandl uses algos to predict a company’s future earnings

Waters Technology (subscription)

Waters Technology and our Chief Data Officer, Abraham Thomas, discussed predicting future earnings with the latest alternative data from Quandl. Read More »

Koch Industries seeds new quantitative trading firm

The Wall Street Journal (subscription)

Koch Industries has helped seed and launch a new quantitative fund, Keebeck Alpha, based in Stamford Connecticut. Read More »

The spy in your wallet: Credit cards have a privacy problem

The Washington Post

The Washington Post conducts a privacy experiment to see how much data a single credit card purchase generates. Read More »

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