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Goldman plans hiring spree in trading (only coders need apply)


Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s trading division is planning its biggest hiring spree in years. The catch? The entire effort is focused on coders, a sign of where Wall Street is headed. Read More »

The battle of data scientists vs the quants

Investment Magazine

Investment Magazine points out a marked change to the previous wave of quantitative sciences that began in the 1980s, showing signs of what’s to come. Read More »

Investment robots are listening to CEOs and reading your Twitter feed


With funds facing a deluge of data, Bloomberg highlights the host of ways alternative data is enhancing industry strategies. Read More »

Meet the 8 people with new ideas about data, fees, and tech in the hedge fund space

Business Insider (subscription)

Business Insider sits down with eight people actively shaking things up in the hedge fund space. Read More »

Citadel adds quant research head for convertible arbitrage team


Hedge fund giant Citadel has hired a former managing director at BlackRock to head up quantitative research for its convertible arbitrage team. Read More »

PE and hedge funds are targets of social media sleuthing

Wealth Professional

The use of alternative data to vet companies for inclusion isn’t new. But, a recent survey suggests that investors are diving deeper into the digital profiles of fund managers and their personnel. Read More »

Regulators continue to focus on the use of alternative data

Jenner & Block

With the recent CFPB report on the use of alternative data in Upstart’s lending decisions, regulator and legislator focus on the alternative data space continues to mount. Read More »

Six charts that explain the state of markets

The Economist (subscription)

In light of the recent bond inversion, The Economist has crafted a set of charts that help visualize surrounding market data. Read More »

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