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LSE agrees to buy Refinitiv for US $27b

Multiple publications

You’ll know about this one unless you’ve been unplugged for the last week. Here is a roundup key coverage and analysis: Financial TimesThe EconomistBloombergCNNThe Globe and Mail

The magic of TwoSigma

Institutional Investor

The storied rise of one of the most successful quant shops ever, as told by Paul Tudor Jones and Tom Hill. Read More »

De-anonymization is easier than it looks

MIT Technology Review

Apparently now machine learning can be used to undo any attempts at obfuscation of personal data. Read More »Full Paper » 

Importing human intuition into quant trading

Financial Times (subscription)

After seeing an erosion in its long-standing alpha capture strategy, GSA reversed the trend and added humans to the mix.  Read More »

Why Big Tech keeps shrugging off bad news


Facebook, Google, and Amazon are under unprecedented regulatory scrutiny. But the market doesn’t seem to care. Read More »

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