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Mispriced innovation – patents as a leading indicator of earnings growth

O’Shaughnessy Asset Management

Patents inherently demonstrate the creator’s perception of value in their innovations. With this in mind, patent filings can be considered indicators of future earnings and growth. Read More  Read the Full PDF

Katherine Glass-Hardenbergh: All about alternative data

Flirting with Models (Podcast)

In this episode of Flirting with Models, Corey Hoffstein discusses a wide range of alternative data topics with his guest, Katherine Glass-Hardenbergh. What it is, where it comes from, and interesting applications within the investment industry. Listen to the Full Episode Here

The man to know if you want a data science job at Point72      


Pulling back the curtain, efinancialcareers reveals who acts as the gatekeeper for data science roles at Point72. Read More

Supply chain relationship exposure scores       

Yahoo Finance (Joanna Kong)

Yahoo Finance Premium has partnered with Nasdaq and Yewno to integrate supply chain relationship exposure scores. Read More

Overbond to launch three AI analytics labs for R&D in bond pricing


Overbond’s R&D Labs will source one of the deepest vertical data stacks in the world for fixed income capital markets AI modeling, including traditional and alternative datasets. Read More

USDA acreage debate pushes U.S. farmers, grain traders on data hunt

Financial Post

Following severe weather in the midwest this spring, U.S. farmers and grain traders are turning to drone video data to analyze salvageable acreage. Read More

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