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Gold rush in data mining

Financial Times (subscription)

Everyone has been talking about this piece by Robin Wigglesworth, which brings the legality of alternative data into the fore. Read More

Crowding of the quant sector

Financial Times (subscription)

Wigglesworth also ponders whether quant funds are experiencing alpha decay due to rapid inflows. Read More

A survey of ‘quantamental’

Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg reviews the quantamental landscape: the adopters, the performers and the future. Read More

GDPR in the EU favors Google, punishes Facebook


Facebook knows who you are; Google knows what you search for. In Europe, only the former is about to become illegal when it comes to ad-serving. Read More

Satellite provider Spire pushes the pace


Spire Global launches two new products to gather and predict information on 300,000 ships at sea, at any given time. Read More

Descartes Labs raises $30 million in Series B


Investment continues in the geospatial analytics space. March Capital leads Descartes Lab’s raise, with participation from others. Read More

Restaurant industry turns to data mining

New York Times

Restaurants are getting smart with data. Will consumers welcome a more personalized dining experience or reject it over privacy concerns? Read More

Bring your poker face — emotional analytics are here


The next frontier of sentiment data is upon us as apps begin responding to our emotions through voice and facial expressions. Read More

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