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Hedge funds turn to dark web for an edge

Financial News

Is the dark web fair game? Hedge funds are faced with legal and ethical dilemmas as they consider the dark web as a source of alpha. Read More

Sequencing the data scientist genome


The data scientist is today what the developer was in the 80s and 90s. Elusive, in high demand and critical to capital markets. Read More

A future full of black boxes

Institutional Investor

AI investing will perform better as it matures but its processes will become more complex and opaque to human operators. The question is: Does one outweigh the other? Read More

The economics of quantitative investing

The Market Mogul

It’s simple economics, really: Machines are less expensive than humans, giving quant funds the opportunity to reform fee structures. Read More

Privacy complaint made against Google

The Washington Post

Google hits a snag on its journey to connect online and brick-and-mortar transactions: an FTC investigation. Read More

A primer on the data collected by cars

The New York Times

Your car already collects a ton of information about you — from texts to fuel consumption to driving habits. But who owns all the data and where does it go? Read More

The marriage of AI and satellite data


Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are using satellite imagery to predict the median household income in some neighborhoods. The program might be a bit whimsical but the concept is there. Read More

The devil wears Prada and understands data

The Economist

Fashion forecasting is big business. Firms like Inditex and H&M are betting on data-driven analysis to help predict the next major trends. Read More

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