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Robot takeover postponed

Financial Post

Certain quantitative tactics are suffering as so-called “dumb money” disappears. Read More

Opimas claims 90K jobs to be lost to AI

Financial Times (subscription)

But opinions are still divided. The flip side is that AI will free up time for portfolio managers to focus on more valuable work. Read More

From one alpha to six million


WorldQuant founder Igor Tulchinsky discusses the role of technology in the age of prediction. Read More

Swarm updates bolster data collection


Foursquare continues to evolve the front end of its Swarm platform to collect more salable location data. Read More

Uber’s woes continue with privacy breaches


Uber will be under audit for the next 20 years for failing to protect consumer data fully. Read More

Turning green into green

WatersTechnology (subscription)

Quandl’s Chief Data Officer Abraham Thomas weighs in on how AI is speeding up the already rapid development of ESG investing. Read More

Buddy gets in the alt data game

The Australian Financial Review

Claiming to be the “Fitbit for buildings”, Australia’s Buddy Platform starts selling to hedge funds. Read More

US Courts: Public data scraping legal

The Next Web

The federal court rules that LinkedIn cannot legally prevent bots from scrubbing its platform’s public data. Read More

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