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The data game: How alternative data is reshaping markets

Globe and Mail (subscription)

The G&M’s Report on Business takes a deep look into the alternative data market in this feature. Who’s benefiting, who’s missing out, and how are major investors and data vendors responding to regulatory opacity? Read more

What data is alternative? It may depend on the user and use case

S&P Global Market Intelligence

In this video, S&P Global Market Intelligence Managing Director Warren Breakstone speaks on the growing demand for alternative data beyond investment management and discusses how what constitutes “alternative” is often in the eye of the beholder. Watch Here

Alternative data and fairness in capital markets

Stephen Bain, RBC Capital Markets 

Do exclusive alt-data deals undermine fair and efficient capital markets? In this provocative piece, Stephen Bain, RBC Capital Markets managing director and board member of Aequitas (founder of the NEO Exchange which bans high-frequency trading), argues that it might. Read More

Big data illuminates, but governments left in the dark

Financial Times (subscription)

If policy makers embraced alternative data there could be immense benefits. Unfortunately, public bodies lack the money to buy or clean all this data themselves, meaning the public may miss out while the private sector benefits. Read More

Alternative data comes of age, and investors are noticing


For years, alternative data was the purview of a small fringe of believers who used what were seen as creative, sometimes quirky, strategies. But more recently, alternative data has matured. Read More

How hedge funds use consumer data to get an edge


As well as the above, CNBC this week looked at alt data in several reports and from several perspectives. This video, and accompanying print item, looks at how funds use alt data. Geared largely to a retail audience, anchors raise Flash Boys-type concerns that high costs and the exclusivity of some datasets is putting retail investors at a disadvantage. Read More

Privacy, risk and doubt (subscription)

Advances in data make it possible to profit from the processing of large amounts of personal information. But those who give up the information remain nervous about where it ends up. Increasingly, governments are on their side.  Read More

Exchanges highly profitable, but may be at risk if they don’t innovate

Business Insider (subscription)

Exchanges generated nearly $30 billion in revenue in 2018, but a recent report suggests they need new business lines – including those based on alternative data and digital assets – in order to sustain double-digit growth. Read More

The Conversation

Will Netflix eventually monetize its user data?

Netflix spends much more than it brings in, leading to consistent negative cashflow and huge debt. That’s led some to believe its business model is unsustainable. But what if its primary long-term business model isn’t entertainment, but data aggregation? Read More

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