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Two new anonymization methods to combat alt-data risks (subscription)

Risks of privacy violations are keeping investors from the rich alpha that can be found in alternative data. But new anonymization methods are emerging that can guarantee the data’s safety. Read More

Quant funds train sights on private equity markets

Financial Times (subscription)

Private equity is fast becoming the hottest alternative to traditional hedge funds. Can a data-driven approach work here as well? Cliff Asness opines. Read More

Stock picks from space

The Atlantic 

RS Metrics popularized car counting using satellite imagery, and today possesses one of the most complete datasets of its kind. The Atlantic covers the rise of satellite data, largely from the perspective of how its information advantage affects market pricing. (view RS Metrics data on Quandl). Read More

JPMorgan’s quant mastermind on how he uses data to make market-moving calls

Business Insider (subscription)

Long before Marko Kolanovic became JPMorgan’s quant mastermind, he earned a Ph.D in theoretical physics. He credits that background for giving him the skills to eventually revolutionize the field of quantitative analysis. Read More

Amenity Analytics raises $18 million for earnings-call analysis

Bloomberg (subscription) 

Startup Amenity Analytics is offering software that it says can even pick up on the signs of potential deception that CIA and FBI interrogators look for to gauge the sentiment of what is said on calls and in public filings. Read More

Traditional asset managers are embracing AI and alternative data

Integrity Research

As more asset managers bring AI in-house, the demand for external research products will shift as internal machine learning subsumes external analyst and sales roles, Integrity Research writes summarizing a new white paper from McKinsey. Read More

Businesses build AI, data science teams with nontech talent

WSJ Pro (subscription)

Financial services firms are building AI and data science teams with people from nontech fields as they look to overcome a talent shortage and add professionals with broader skills. These firms have been hiring not only computer scientists, but also people with backgrounds in physics and English.  Read More

Afraid of Google? BlackBerry cofounder says you should be

The Walrus

The cofounder of the firm behind the once-ubiquitous BlackBerry smartphone is cautioning about big tech’s data-collection practices and advising governments on regulation. His proposals could put tech companies on an even shorter leash than Europe’s GDPR. Read More

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