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California privacy law threatens hedge funds

FundFire (subscription)

A new data privacy law that’s coming down the pipeline and could cause headaches for hedge funds and other investment managers using alternative data sets in their investment processes. Read More

UBS Asset Management cools on alternative data (subscription)

UBS AM tested around 700 datasets for tradeable insights, and the results were disappointing. Now, rather than searching for alt data that can be a direct source of alpha, the $795 billion AUM firm is looking at how it can benefit from combining traditional and alternative data. Read More

Google plans foray into asset management with AI data tools

Waters Technology (subscription)

Google is ramping up its analytical capabilities to target asset management firms, with tools it says can simplify data scientists’ work. While many asset managers and technology vendors remain unsure about Google’s end-game, buyside firms have expressed interest. Read More

Banks are asking clients to hit ‘subscribe’ for data access

Outside Insight

Banks like Goldman Sachs are edging closer to business models and hiring profiles previously found only in Silicon Valley as they increasingly adopt a data-as-a-service model to capitalize on their data assets. Read More

Robots scour earnings calls for ‘vague’ signals to sell

Financial Times (subscription) 

A study by BoA Merrill Lynch has found that instructing computer programs to decode often-dry quarterly calls to inform decisions can add an extra 6.3% to annualized returns. In particular, unclear language is identified as a consistent signal to sell a company’s stock. Read More

Silicon Valley has made top data-science talent too expensive for many hedge funds

Business Insider (subscription)

The battle for tech talent between Wall Street and Silicon Valley is reaching a fever pitch as a host of buzzy tech unicorns are expected to go public, promising to turn their employees into millionaires overnight. Read More

US starts using digital price data for official inflation calculations

Bloomberg (subscription)

The US Department of Labor is dipping its toes into big data, bringing it a bit closer to what it sees as the future for economic indicators. More than 1,000 price quotes that were manually gathered through staff surveys are being replaced with digitally collected data. In a separate item, Bloomberg reports that the IMF is using satellite data to gauge of war-torn economies, adding to the growing research on how alternative data can benefit economists and policymakers..  Read More

Top five AI and machine learning jobs on Wall Street


This isn’t another list of hard-to-fill job categories, rather it’s five specific C-suite and senior roles that are currently open at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, BoA, and Citi – indicating that the biggest Wall St. (and Charlotte, NC) firms are making major efforts to land top tech talent. Read More

Why a hedge fund started a video game competition


For Two Sigma, which has grown its AUM 600% over six years to over $50 billion, sponsorship of a video game programming competition provides the NYC-based fund with more than just publicity.  Read More 

Who’ll sit on the Iron Throne? Data says it’s [SPOILER]


Who’s going to rule Westeros when the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones ends later this spring? Data visualization company Visme has employed a detailed methodology to try to calculate individual odds of the show’s major characters capturing the Iron Throne.  Read More

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