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With 125 PhDs in 15 countries, a quant ‘Alpha Factory’ hunts for investing edge

The Wall Street Journal

Find out how Igor Tulchinsky put WorldQuant at the forefront of quantitative investing. Read More

Data mining can pump up returns if done right

Institutional Investor

Summarizing the “Rise of the Machines” panel at DataDisrupt, Institutional Investor concludes that data-driven quants are in better shape than their counterparts. Read More

BlackRock signals active overhaul with shift to quant


This follow-up to last week’s BlackRock announcement provides more detail on how exactly the fund giant plans to make way for the machines. Read More

Trading places: The rise of the DIY hedge fund


Wired covers the rise of the DIY quant, a phenomenon made possible by platforms such as Quantopian, Numerai and Cloud9. Read More

Former Credit Suisse execs start AI firm


Two senior Credit Suisse staff members join forces to create an AI advisory and intelligence company that aims to keep pesky — and irrational — human emotions out of investment decisions. Read More

Francesco Corea summarizes his takeaways from London’s Big Data Summit


One of the top experts in AI condenses what he learned at this year’s Big Data Summit and talks policy, privacy and talent. Read More

1010data launches shopping center alternative data product

Yahoo Finance

1010data launches “1010data Shopping Center Insights,” an alternative data source that helps track the performance of leading shopping centers across the US. Read More

AI and big data to generate and consume investment research

Markets Media

This piece applies the theory of big data to both buy- and sell-side firms with some strong examples from the field, including BlackRock and Morningstar. Read More

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