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The next cold war is all about data


On one side: people who believe that individuals have an absolute right to control their personal data. On the other: those that believe personal data is a good to be traded on the open market. Read More

GM to switch to quarterly sales reporting

Wall Street Journal (Subscription)

The automaker says 30 days isn’t long enough to separate real trends from short-term fluctuations caused by weather, new product launches or other factors. Read More

Merger funds missing out on M&A boom

Wall Street Journal (Subscription)

Mounting fears of a trade war and unpredictable politics could risk making arbitrage strategies more challenging. Read More

Point72 Ventures is funding a start-up that wants to power free stock trading

Business Insider

DriveWealth, a company building technology to bring the cost of investing to zero, has landed $21 million in an investment round led by four investors that include the venture unit of Steve Cohen’s Point72. Read More

Are Data Protection Officers a must in the post-GDPR world?


A simple litmus test that helps institutional investors determine whether they need a DPO once GDPR comes into effect. Read More

AI has spawned the next generation of fund managers

Pensions & Investments

Managers who specialize in autonomous learning investment strategies (ALIS) aren’t just smaller and leaner versions of established firms; they are investing in a different way. Read More

You’re a more predictable chessplayer than you think

Data is Beautiful

36,000 games of chess, played at the same time, with move probability shown as opacity. Read More

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