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Asia investors boost use of unorthodox data sources to beat benchmarks


BlackRock continues to push the envelope on alternative data, using satellite imagery to better understand the Chinese economy. Read More

Analytics firm uses 1 trillion social posts to predict stock movements

Business Insider

Social media listening tools used to sell specifically to brands and media companies. But with eight years of data from social posts, Crimson Hexagon adds value to Wall Street. Read More

How Chipotle’s comeback attracted big data robots and value investors alike


Pershing Square isn’t alone in their billion dollar burrito bet. Other opportunistic funds used various alternative data sources to bet on a post-scandal Chipotle stock. And they couldn’t be happier with the results. Read More

Hedge fund Coatue invests in Domino Data Lab

The Wall Street Journal (subscription)

Coatue is betting Domino can become for data science what Microsoft Excel is for financial analysts. Read More

AI will not replace the analyst

Markets Media

“To say that quantitative research is a fully automated function within the trading world is to confess your blindness to what actually is required of trading strategies.” Humans 1, Machines 0. Read More

MapD Technologies adds distributed processing to GPU-powered analytics platform

PR Newswire

If you need off-the-charts performance for visualization of very large datasets, have a look at the release details for version 3.0 of MapD’s flagship product. Read More

Neudata names Stephen Morse Advisor in the US


Big data and fintech guru Stephen Morse joins Neudata’s platform to partner with and advise hedge fund and other asset managers on alternative data. Read More

A legal perspective on using drones for investing

ZwillGen Blog (video)

It may be tongue-in-cheek but this video offers good intelligence on what to look for if using drones to collect alternative data. Read More

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